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King's College London

I chose to study in London because of its multicultural community that has made me feel welcomed and safe. There are various opportunities to explore the city and new experiences in the fast-paced environment that will help me grow as an upcoming adult.
Studying Business Management with a Year in Industry at King’s College London I chose this course as the various modules offered were very interesting especially in marketing. It would give me a Bachelor of Science degree and the opportunities and support given in the year in industry ultimately drove my decision as I felt it would be more beneficial to my career.

I chose to use SI-UK’s services as they were reliable and provided valuable information even before registration.
I would highly recommend p’ Momo as a counselor as she was very supportive when giving transparent advice and information in any aspect of interest; course requirements, reputation of universities, researching for accomodation. She handled my questions and paperwork very fast and made my UK university application process much easier.

Do in-depth research in the opportunities the university offers you in terms career-support and campus-life with societies. The location matters a lot as your lifestyle and happiness will play a huge role in your uni-life. Consider your preferences carefully and work hard to attain your grade requirements, it will pay off. Start your personal statement early and uniresearch as early as you can.

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PreeyananBSc Business Management
King's College London


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