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Newcastle University

The UK is more affordable and the education level is of high quality. Sl-UK offers full service for students so that we make the best possible out come in this lifetime opportunity.

I chose MSc Computer Science with Newcastle University because I want to reinvent myself in tech sector. The program offers comprehensive curriculum covering everything I need. Newcastle University is also highly ranked
with amazing location.

P'York has been an amazing counsellor so far. He has supported me in everything with full dedication despite my unique circumstance. He's absolutely an MVP!

For everyone who wants to study in the UK, just discover yourself and plan ahead because so many things can come up unexpectedly. Definitely choose SI-UK if you want to be in good hand and make this journey easier.

SI-UK ต้องขอขอบคุณ น้อง Thitiwat ที่ไว้วางใจเลือกใช้บริการกับเรา สำหรับน้อง ๆ คนไหนที่สนใจเรียนต่อที่ Newcastle University หรือมหาวิทยาลัยอื่น ๆ ใน UK สามารถรับคำปรึกษาจากพี่ ๆ SI-UK ได้ ฟรี!

ThitiwatMSc Computer Science
Newcastle University


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