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Business owner and managed by British people.

British owned and managed global service office

As one of the world's most trusted educational services firms both from students UK students and universities and colleges. SI-UK was founded by British owners. That shows that UK standards and quality are at the heart of what we do.

As for SI-UK staff worldwide, we employ local staff to serve as managers. IELTS English Proficiency Test (IELTS) Teacher and Counselor so you can be sure You get the highest quality of service in teaching and mentoring from people you are interested in contacting yourself. in conjunction with support from UK officials to ensure that we meet your needs in a comprehensive manner

SI-UK continues to operate the same policies, rules and regulations as well as data handling and control in the UK in the UK as it does in Japan. China and representative offices in other countries When students, students and university representatives visit our global offices They will be able to guarantee that All of them provide full service and support to the same high standard.


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  • university-college-london
  • University of Birmingham
  • sheffield
  • southampton
  • kings college
  • exeter
  • cardiff
  • loughborough
  • edinburgh
  • bristol
  • lancaster
  • durham
  • bath
  • york
  • sussex
  • nottingham
  • BIMM Institute